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Nick Peacock is Glasgow DJ royalty. Having been around the Glasgow club scene since before the Glasgow club scene even existed, he was a Sub Club resident before the Sub Club was even the Sub Club! Playing alongside young guns like Harri and Orde Meikle who have gone on to dominate the world, Nick has kept his head down, happy to keep playing the music he loves to the crowds he knows.

Recalling the first record he ever played in public (Otis Redding’s version of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”) he relished the fact people danced to something he chose and from then on his strategy is always to play the music he wants to play.

He brought jazz and latin to the masses with uncompromising but hugely popular nights like Sandino and Horizontal, bringing world renowned DJs and bands like Gilles Peterson and The Roots to Glasgow. But he’s never been stuck in the past, spinning contemporary house and techno at a host of bar residencies like his legendary Saturday night sessions in Bar 10. Those sounds inevitably led to production, and he has an enviable discography, most famously as part of Soma act Univeral Principles.

Dubbed “Glasgow’s Greatest Dancer”, he might not throw the same moves he once did, but he’s been a constant in Glasgow since the mid ’80s. Known and loved for his exquisite musical taste and his impeccable collection of records – something else he doesn’t shout about. Take it from us, this guy’s musical knowledge is deep.

He’s now been playing what he wants for the last 16 years at one of Glasgow’s longest running Saturday residencies in The Buff Club, who are hosting this live event.


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OOFT! 07/08/20 Glasgow

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