About Stream the Scene

Welcome to the new normal

Lock down seems to be in wind down but dancing together in a dark sweaty basement is probably still a long way off, so we’re on a mission to bring your favourite nights out in. Every weekend we’ll Stream The Scene direct to your speakers from a venue in Glasgow, using all the audio and visual gizmos needed to transmit the excitement and good vibes our DJs normally generate in the club, to your home.

While a night in will never replace a night out, with your support we can fill the gap in our lives where the weekends used to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stream the Scene was created by three DJs from Glasgow (who also happen to be a designer and two web techies) who miss a good night out.

The quality of live streaming has been generally quite poor, with audio and video dropouts, and a real problem finding good shows to watch. We wanted to support our local club DJs and deliver a much higher quality experience than what’s presently out there.

So far all our shows have been run on love and good will but there are costs involved that we will need to cover. Plus right now most DJs aren’t getting paid, so we’re asking for a small donation for each show so you can give something back for the great times these DJs have provided in the past, and to help keep the scene alive.

We’re suggesting a minimum of £3 per show, which will hopefully allow the platform to at least break even and the DJs to get paid.  That said, please think about how many people are sharing the stream with you, and how many DJs are on stage.  If you’ve got ten people in your place, and two DJs on stage, then your £3 will be equal to each person paying 15p per DJ!  Thinks of it like an honesty jar, and please donate what you can if you like what you’re watching.

The DJs in the first instance. who will get 70% of your donations after costs.  But our fixed costs include paying for hosting and streaming, and ensuring the venue and all staff involved in the production are paid something for their time, as well as the tax man of course.  Everything else goes to the platform, allowing us to expand, improve, and put on more shows.

We want to build a dedicated community on Stream The Scene where we become your go-to place for club music streams.  By registering you are setup for two things:  You will be able to donate more smoothly for any show you choose to, and you’ll have a login for exclusive areas we will release in the future.