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One of the first people we spoke to at the start of lockdown was Stevie Elements – everyone in Glasgow knows Stevie for one reason or another. He said no cos he’s the shy retiring type and didn’t want to appear on video.

Then out of the blue he changed his mind. He recounted a story where he and Jamie Thomson played a back to back set of dance-floor damagers in Glasgow’s Max’s Bar that lasted six full hours and only ended because the bar had to close. A plan was hatched to do it again in a club. Then Covid happened and the plan was shelved. Till now. We won’t be doing six hours, but we do have the duo back to back in Room 2 this weekend.

Who’s this Jamie Thomson guy you ask? Like Stevie, Jamie’s a Glasgow stalwart – probably most famous for his involvement in the legendary, trailblazing Traxx events he had his finger in. But equally known for his long running residency in Max’s (there since it opened) and his Saturday Manatee show on Radio Magnetic.


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OOFT! 07/08/20 Glasgow

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