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Best known as guitarist in Teenage Fanclub, and for his side project Lightships, Gerry has been a fan of soul music since the early 80s.

Intrigued by the iconogrpahy of northern soul and the soul cover versions of the mod revival, as a teenager soul music was bought cheaply, borrowed or stolen from older relatives. Fast forward a few years and with steady income came increasingly rare purchases, found scouring the sales lists of record dealers in the pre-internet days.

Uncompromisingly modest, Gerry describes himself as “just a guy in a band who’s been picking up the odd soul record from time to time”; but with impeccable taste and without any concern for the limitations of narrowly defined genres, Gerry has amassed an enviable collection over the years.

That said, he rarely DJs and so we’re especially honoured to have him grace the virtual booth for a 2 hour set of solid soul 45s.

Interview + Gerry’s northern soul top ten


United Kingdom

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OOFT! 07/08/20 Glasgow

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  1. One of my favorite songwriters.

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