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Elisco was a project created by Glasgow’s La Cheetah as a vehicle to take us on a journey through Craig Moog’s impeccable record collection.

Craig is a stalwart of the Glasgow music scene. He can be found playing a sound that takes in Disco, Italo, Tropical, Cosmic, Electronic, Balearic, Psychedelic, Funk, Boogie and everything in between. He’s worked across the board playing festivals, underground parties for Vacuum, Gallery shows for The Proud Galleries, Rankin and SWG3 and DJing for companies like Nike SB, Comme Des Garcons, Dazed and Confused and Vivienne Westwood. From residencies in Glasgow to packed clubs in Europe and the US, Craig has played alongside some of the greatest players in the scene such as Pete Herbert, Prins Thomas, Dicky Trisco, Optimo, Richard Sen and The Revenge.

A Glasgow OG with some of the deepest record bags in town, so deep that your sly pocket shazam has got no chance! His eclectic range is what the sweet life is all about and we can’t wait to hear what sweet treats he has lined up!


United Kingdom

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OOFT! 07/08/20 Glasgow

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